WizFight is a local multiplayer game about dueling wizards for 2-4 players. It is a game about not caring that all you can do is throw banana peels at people while that other guy can draw lightning bolts from the sky.

WizFight is free and open source software, but the latest build, which introduces new content, is only available on Windows unless you compile it from source.


WizFight is currently available to download exclusively through itch.io.

Those who are interested can download the full Haxe source code via GitHub.

Matt has been a gamer for all his life. He tried programming unsuccesfully many times throughout his early teens. One day, he decided to pick up GameMaker and enter a game jam for the hell of it. He has been programming ever since and started WizFight as an attempt to bring at least one more game that really encapsulates the local multiplayer experience into the world.

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Kat is WizFight's artist. She has always been interested in both art and video games from an early age so, when given the chance to work on WizFight, she quickly stepped up to the challenge.

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Music by Jordan Oakley. Follow Jordan on Twitter.

WizFight Devlog

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