Tercet and AristocracyMUD

Last week, I built my own bare minimum blogging software called Tercet. I ended up building Tercet because, in my search for minimal blog software, I found that most of the “minimal” systems required Node.js or weren’t as minimal as I would have liked in practice. They couldn’t be a self-contained platform that would run on practically any webserver. I also wasn’t particularly happy with the ways that they were built to be themed.

And so I built Tercet. The result is an extremely minimal blogging platform that is used entirely by uploading and editing Markdown files. Posts and pages are in Markdown format. The settings are in Markdown format. The main menu is in Markdown format. Even the comments are in Markdown format. You don’t even need a database.

Those who are interested can grab a copy of the codebase here. It is about as feature-complete as I ever intended it to be, but I may yet add more features as needed.

The reason I felt that I needed a minimal blogging platform is that I have been planning to build a MUD for some time now and I felt that a minimalist blog with decent typography would be ideal for that project. At the beginning of the month, I said in a blog post that I had wanted to build some sort of continuously updated work of interactive fiction. After weighing my options and asking several people whether they would be inclined to check back if there were regular updates to the work, I decided that it was not an ideal way of doing things. Instead, I would finally do what I’ve set out to do several times over the years: build a MUD.

But I wouldn’t just build a MUD. I would instead build a world and set multiple works of fiction and interactive fiction within that world. I would create my own fictional language for the denizens of that world. The MUD would be the culmination of all of that work, the simulation of that world.

However, I didn’t want it to simulate the world in the way that those that have come before have. And thus, AristocracyMUD was born. AristocracyMUD is going to be a MUD where you play as an aristocrat that is in charge of a fictional aristocratic nation. In it, you gather with other aristocrats once a week to argue about and ultimately implement new policies that affect the nation that you are in charge of. Outside of those weekly gatherings, your interactions with the world will be highly limited, instead allowing you to mostly simply observe the way that your policies have affected your nation. You can find the full introduction here.

The details of the world, the language, and many gameplay elements have yet to be decided, but the development of the world and the works surrounding it will be my primary project going forward.

More details to come as I decide upon them!

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